The Future Of Digital Workspace After Covid-19

Never has been a time when the higher management of the organizations was so eager in reshaping the digital side of their company. The unexpected shut down of the world, physical market, and basically everything, made everyone realize that things can be done online or digitally. But is the digital environment stable to adopt for the future?

The demand for digital channels and the online market comes with its challenges. The ninety-degree shift will take time for organizations to grapple with, bringing in new pressures, tools and equipment, additional workforce, quality bandwidths, and special troubleshooting processes. With the outbreak of the pandemic, not only the digital world has accelerated but it has given acknowledgment and growth to the professionals previously involved/struggling in it.

The New Normal
After the global lockdown, almost every organization has tested their phase of work from home, knowing its pros, cons, and process. As part of the change, the teams are unanimously adjusting to a flexible working environment, getting used to the internal digital processes, and depend on it. The post-covid world gives rise to cloud computing & storage spaces for safer data and agile working with more flexibility. The ‘new normal’ introduced companies to add remote work and digitalization in their business plans and forecasting. As a result, organizations are all set for the second wave that is yet to come with lesser disruption and instability.

Changing With The Times
Now more than ever, the companies have realized that the workforce and communication cycles cannot be the same anymore. The approach of working remotely needs to be adopted to ensure employee safety. Testing out this approach has been successful for some organizations that they have permanently shifted to telecommunicating and seamlessly maintaining online connectivity. Not only that, in the departments of sales and marketing, priorities have taken a one-eighty degree shift. Companies are developing e-commerce stores and are diligently marketing them as the main business model. To achieve that, companies have been introduced to various tools and data analytics, setting the bar high for their competitors.

Knowing the foundation of change, technology might be costly but in long term, it reduces the cost of doing business. It reduces the constraints of having a physical presence, trading cost, infrastructural costs, and other liberalization from other barriers. Digital channels take the label of being a ‘local business’ and replace it with a global venture.

Emerging Talent And Economy
Digital platforms have given leverage to the residents of rural areas to be a part of the community and benefit from it at the lowest possible rate, without any geographical constraint.

It is safe to say in the post-pandemic world that no ones’ skill will go to waste, especially the ones that cannot be replaced by robots in near future. Skills like creative thinking, analytical skills, behavior design, team management, training, & motivation. Since the past few years, behavioral skills and its impact have massively increased, hence it demands surges, making it a highly paid profession.

Digital platforms have introduced skillful individuals to be independent earners, known as freelancers. The booming market of freelancers has enormously contributed to any country’s economy. Platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr have enabled skillful individuals to out their expertise to use by participating in multiple gigs.

From all of the above, it is pretty clear that the platforms transforming the market are themselves leading it. Companies and stakeholders are investing more in these online platforms, may it be social or e-commerce, to ensure stability in times of lockdown.

With the advancements, it is necessary for the government, stakeholders, and businesses to adapt to it. This will not only help the country with inflation but for the rise in the economy. With the rightful and needful steps, the government can take this catastrophe as an opportunity to take further steps towards the growth of the country.

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