5 Ways Technology Is Helping Us To Strike A Work-Life Balance

In a world where 66% of service professionals are of the view that they are unable to strike a work-life balance due to spending more than 50 hours a week at work. To support the notion, it is evident that only 20% of the companies affirm to promote the work-life balance, which results in around 200 billion dollars a year to spend in addressing the physical and psychological effects of layoffs, over time, burnouts,  and enormous pressure at the workplace. As the world is evolving at the fastest pace ever, human life is suffering from extreme mental and health issues in order to strike a balance in their personal and professional lives. Here we will see how technology can help you maintain boundaries and balance in your work-life. Let’s find out.

Remote Working Technologies 

For the last couple of years, we have been in the world of remote working. The unpredictability of the time has changed the usual corporate settings and it is only the technology that kept us going in such times. The tech tools such as the collaboration tools, the easy communication apps, not only helped teams to stay in touch but to become more productive, connected, and flexible in their working without affecting any outcomes for the company. The video conferencing apps, the communication applications, the team meetings, the free flow of information, the virtually assigned to-do lists, the streamlined and reliable access to information has only been possible due to the advanced technology we have hands-on. 

Advanced Workflow Automation Software 

There is no denying that the healthy integration of work-life maintains a level-headed mind and body. And to strike that healthy balance, workflow automation software has become very popular in the corporate world. It’s a platform that supports efficient working tools to keep a check on the individual and the organization’s daily performance. It helps in dealing with complex tasks by simplifying them in small projects,  automate activities and optimize workflow. It highlights the area of improvement which helps an employee and the employer to reach new levels of efficiency. This software can easily be integrated with other applications to get the work done effectively.

Urgent Email Notifications 

The smartphones have made email accessibility easier than ever, which makes us constantly catching up with the messages and sending quick replies and in the meantime looking at other apps too, needless to say, that it comes at the expense of our personal time. But now the email platforms have introduced an option “urgent” so that you will only be notified of the important messages and the rest can be dealt with afterward. That’s how you can prioritize your emails on weekends and in the off-hours.

Software & Apps To Upgrade Productivity 

There are tons of project management apps, timeline creator apps, daily planners, schedule software available online that can help an organization and its employees to work better and smarter. The apps evaluate the average productivity of an employee in a day and help them make the most of it. These software’s are very effective in managing and streamlining the workflows so that your employees manage their working hours diligently and don’t need to sit over time.

Every article of technology has a purpose to fulfill. The problem arises when we substitute these technologies for precious moments in our life, then the imbalance occurs and the problem starts. Technology is never designed for a person to lose focus or to be used mindlessly. Rather a person needs to improve his harmful tech habits and create a healthy engagement with technology to be more productive, punctual, committed, and diligent towards his work. 

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