5 Tips to Future proof your employability

In these challenging economic times specially after the pandemic covid-19 many companies went out of business and others had to let go off their staff to keep their operations running.

With such uncertainty in the job market many of us are battling with the stress of career uncertainty, here are some tips to make your job future proof and reduce the risk of redundancy:

1.Get your tech brain going

As the world is increasingly moving towards digital, the future of recruitment indicates that you will need a certain level of competency in technology even if you don’t work specifically in the tech industry in order to thrive. So to give your CV a boost 1 recommended skill would be becoming technology savvy.

In many technological advancements you might be looking at within your field, we would recommend looking into coding. It is not only a skill that helps your technical prowess but also broadens your brain into a more logical and methodical approach of problem solving. Highly regarded by recruiters.

2.Keep in touch with your human skills

Automation and robotization may replace everything in their future but one thing that it cannot take over is the human need for connection and interaction. It’s therefore important to nurture your empathy and compassion for others in such a way that roles like customer service, working within a team or communication cannot be transferred to robots only. These skills are necessary for cohesive teams and successful business relationships which are far from the capacity of any technology.

3.Boraden transferable skills

Make a list of all your cross-functional skills that you could take with you throughout your career. A strong set of skills spread across many industries such soft skills can open alternative career paths. As the world is evolving specialist skills are becoming obsolete. According to Robert Walters skills research, 60% of recruiters demand professional business skills for their roles including communication, people management, creativity, innovation and problem solving.

Audit your current soft skills set and consider adding to the list.

4.Make spreadsheets your bestie

From financial analysis to project management & game developers etc, you will find spreadsheets making their way seamlessly across industries. Excel spreadsheets have become a standard in the business world since its launch. Getting your hands on formulas, shortcuts and using the platform efficiently to make your work simple is a globally in demand skills. Not only will this platform help you organise and analyse data but also and present the results in a visually appealing manner.

5.Learn to adapt

According to a report by the World Economic Forum 65% of children entering preschool today will end up doing jobs that do not exist yet. The statistic indicates that sticking to a particular job specialist skills set could lead to a failure to adapt. This is not about keeping your mind open for alternative career paths but also learning to adapt and not limiting your options in the future of the hiring market.

In conclusion, to avoid career ends, it is absolutely crucial in today’s world to focus on expanding your skill set to a more fluid one. This helps adapt and excel in the next generation of jobs & the ever changing workplace. While a time period of unemployment can be devastating, use this time to expand on your skills. Happy learning.

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