4 Best Hacks to Work from Home

Having greater flexibility in terms of your work hours and work environment is a wonderful opportunity. But when initially starting working from home can be very hard as you have to deal with a lot of distractions. If you are not careful working from home can turn from an eight-hour shift to long hours of work. However, with the right environment, you can make working from home both easy and efficient. Whether you are a freelancer, a small business owner and have shifted to working from home after the coronavirus pandemic, we have designed some hacks for you that will make working from home more efficient, saving you time and creating a healthy work environment at home.

1. Set A Workspace

A key component of working successfully from home is having a dedicated space for work. It could be a spare room, your living room, or any other place at your house, designating a particular space. Even if you have a very small space it is important to have a dedicated space where you can set up a desk for work. If you can set up a desk near a window that is even great as the light coming from the window will keep you active and you can always have a look outside too. Even if you can find such a space just make sure that you are not working from your bed or couch. Those spaces should only be for relaxing once you are done with the days’ work. Your mind associates different environments with different tasks and if you muddle this boundary it will affect your work as well as your sleep.

2. Optimize Workspace

Once you have a dedicated area to work, make sure that you optimize it. Your work area should be free of any clutter and should be clean. According to a recent survey, the majority of the respondents said that working on a cluttered desk impairs their productivity and leads to much lower motivation for work. To optimize your workspace you can always add a nice indoor plant and invest in some good desk speakers. Plus the desk you are working on and your table should be of ideal height where you can sit comfortably. Don’t keep too many snacks close by and don’t eat at your desk. Instead, keep a water bottle near you and keep yourself hydrated while you work.

3. Stick To A Set Schedule 

Once your workspace is optimized with everything you need, set a routine for yourself. Working from home gives you the ability to have a flexible routine but it should be a fixed routine. If you don’t work on a schedule your days with drag and you will end up spending more time working from home than you would if you were at the office. Having a routine will also give you a work-life balance and you will have enough time for yourself once you are done with your work. It is always best to work at the time of the day where you feel you are most productive. And even if you are working from home it is always a great idea to start work like you would if you were going to the office. Take a shower, get out of your PJs and get dressed.

4. Take breaks

Working from home doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to work continuously all day. Take breaks after every 90 minutes or so. When you are taking a break it’s best to get out of the seat and take a few steps. Grab a quick snack or coffee and relax for a bit, but don’t switch off entirely. You can refill your water bottle, take a few steps outside and get some fresh air. Sitting all day on a chair will not only make you feel lazy but is also bad for your health. You can also fit in a bigger break each day to get lunch. This will help you focus on work better and you won’t feel drained.

5. Set boundaries

When you are working from home with kids and family it is very important to set boundaries and to let everyone know that they should be adhered to. You should let kids and family members know what time you plan to work and you should not be disturbed. If your workspace has a door you should ideally close it so you can focus on work without any distractions. If kids at home are younger and you suspect they won’t adhere to the ground rules try spreading work hours at times where kids take a nap. Also, make sure that when working from home you are not available to friends and family on call.

Bottom Line

Working from home can be rewarding in several ways but it can also be a huge challenge. By following some very basic advice you can make sure that you are constructively utilizing your time and are getting the benefits of working from home. If you don’t adopt these basic tips and hacks, working from home can become cumbersome and invade your personal life. With the coronavirus pandemic, it looks as if working from home is something that will become more and more a new normal and you have to adapt accordingly.

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